Local Projects

Elthamenviros are currently running a number

of local projects

These include...

  • Please support our petition to establish safe cycle routes in Eltham post lockdown. The full case is here and petition is here.

  • Working with a local primary school’s Eco-Council to tackle single use plastics, run used school uniform sales, and fundraise for a composter to help reduce and reuse food waste, whilst educating our children about the natural world around them.

  • Establishing a solutions-oriented community of practice - to share eco-tips and ideas through social media – click on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter icons below to follow us!

  • Taking action locally together:

We have formed 4 working groups in the following areas:

  1. Air quality and active travel

  2. Litter and recyling

  3. Nature and biodiversity

  4. Working with local businesses to improve eco-practice

Please email us if you'd like to join one of these groups and hear more about our activities: ecoaction@elthamenviros.eco

We also run informations sessions on topics of interest. Past sessions have inclued Green Finance and Fast Fashion. Please let us know if you have knowledge or skills you'd like to share with us, as well as ideas for other sessions and workshops!


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