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BSG Vision

A Healthier Greenwich

A Friendlier Greenwich


A Safer Greenwich


A Biodiverse Greenwich

An Inclusive Greenwich

BSG Goals

Healthy streets – designed to encourage active travel


People-friendly streets – designed to incentivise people to shop locally and socialise


Safe streets – designed with people of all ages in mind


Streets filled with biodiversity - designed to attract pollinators and all forms of biodiversity

Inclusive streets designed to meet the different needs of all population groups

Better Streets Greenwich (BSG) is a volunteer led campaign. It aims to bring diverse community groups together to explore what we want and need from our Greenwich streets, and how we can help to achieve these. 

Please register to join the campaign and hear more here

See also the BSG Theory of Change on the next page. This explains 'at a glance' how BSG aims to achieve its vision. 

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